boutique hotel in East Hampton

More than 150 years old, this Greek Revival gem in East Hampton, New York, is proudly owned by JONATHAN & JENNY BAKER. In 2017, they personally renovated The Maidstone with a fresh perspective, a renowned photo art collection, and a commitment to eco-friendly practices.

The hotel welcomes chic out-of-towners, locals and celebrities alike. The new hotel design features an updated, whimsical take on traditional Americana and Hamptons aesthetics.

JONATHAN BAKER – EST 1962 –Body Oil, Pheromone Spray And Haircare are guest favorites as featured amenities in each of the 19 individually designed rooms and cottages. Due to its popularity, the product regularly sells out at the hotel’s retail store

The Maidstone Hotel is a favorite East Hampton location for prestigious social events and private affairs.